2 Year Old With a High Fever: How to Help Him

Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in All About Fevers, Blog, Sickness & Health | 0 comments

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A mommy friend called me last night about her two year son. She took his temperature and he had 103 degree fever. She immediately called the pediatrician, but they could not seem him until morning. She told me they recommended giving him Infant Tylenol until the morning when he could get to his doctor appointment. She asked, “What else do I do to comfort him?”

I recommended she give him a bath to help bring the fever down. Then, put him in warm pajamas and give him a cold washcloth for his forehead. I also recommended keeping him hydrated with fluids like Pedialyte.

I am no doctor or nurse, but I do know how desperate you feel as a mommy when you can’t do anything to ease your child’s discomfort. It’s scary when your baby has a fever. There are so many wive’s tales out there about how to bring a fever down – and in times of deep concern like this, it’s hard to know what is helpful and what’s just hogwash.

The techniques I shared with my friend are ones I have used; they have helped my children feel better. What about you? Do you also use these techniques  to bring a fever down? What other methods do you try to bring the fever down or make your babies feel better?